The following resources are given trusting they will aid you in your study of the Bible.

D'var Torah Reading Schedule

Biblical Resources

Here are some references to assist you in your deeper study of the Tenach:
  1. Blue Letter Bible - Online Bible Study Tools including hebrew/greek lexicons
  2. Bible Gateway - Online bible searches in many languages and bible versions
  3. Answers in Genesis Creation Journal - Scientific evidence for a created universe
  4. Library Messianica - SaltShaker's Library of Messianic commentary and sources

Alfred Edersheim was one of the greatest rabbinical scholars of the 19th century, an Orthodox Jew who converted to Reformed Christianity while in college in Britain and who went on to become Victorian England's foremost Christian expert in Hebrew, Judaica, the Talmud and Mishnah, ancient Jewish history and worship and especially the Jerusalem Temple and Jewish priesthood. Here are on-line public domain versions of his foundational works:

Hebrew Language Studies

Here are some tools and materials to assist you in your deeper study of the Hebrew language:
  1. Online Hebrew Alphabet Studies. Here is a site that helps you learn your Hebrew alphabet. Just select the "Hebrew" lesson at the bottom and it will display the letter name in English followed by a table of Hebrew letters. Click on the Hebrew letter that matches the English name. (Text only, no audio)
  2. Online Hebrew Language Tutorial. Here is a site that teaches you the basics of the Hebrew language. (Text only, no audio) You can download the whole tutorial here
  3. Online Biblical Hebrew Lexicon. Here is a site that enables you to look up a Biblical Hebrew word using its English translation or a Strongs Number. It provides an in-depth word study and an audio clip of how to pronounce the word in Hebrew. (Text and audio)
  4. Paleo-Hebrew script was the script in use in Israel prior to the Babylonian exile. Since the time of the exile Hebrew has been written in the Aramaic script that we are familiar with today. Nevetheless, the Torah was originally written in a paleo-hebrew script. Archaeologists have dug up several variations of this ancient script, one of which we offer here for your interest, with our thanks and acknowledgement to the author Jack Kilmon:

    Lachish Ostraca script was found on ostraca (pottery fragments) at the biblical site of Lachish. It is very similar to the script found on the Samaritan Ostraca. This download file is available for free and comes as a ZIP file containing a Windows True Type Font TTF file and a Microsoft Word DOC file description of the font. To install the TTF, just click on it after you have extracted it from the ZIP file. Check Jack's site for examples of other ancient scripts.

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