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Weekly Messages (Audio and Video)

Our 7 latest messages
From the Kehillath Tsion Congregation.

Date A V Title Passage Speaker
May 27, 2017Yeshua Must Increase, I Must DecreaseJohn 3:22-36Richard Carruthers
May 20, 2017Yeshua Came to Destroy the Works of the Devil1 John 3:8Pastor Albert Runge
May 13, 2017Jesus Found in the TabernacleJohn 1:14Ron Edgecombe
Mar 11, 2017Trei Asar: God’s Troubled ProphetJonah 4Daniel Nessim
Mar 04, 2017How to End Your Life WellPhilippians 3:12-17Pastor Albert Runge
Feb 25, 2017Trei Asar: G-D Relents if We RepentJonah 3Daniel Nessim
Feb 18, 2017Trei Asar: Jonah’s Sinking FeelingJonah 1:17-2Daniel Nessim
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A Few of our articles:
1.  Defeat of Despair  Elie Nessim  (March 25, 2009)
2.  The Day of Atonement  Elie Nessim  (February 27, 2009)
3.  The Passover  Elie Nessim  (February 27, 2009)
4.  The Anatomy Of Treason  Elie Nessim  (December 4 1999)
5.  The Usurper Unmasked  Elie Nessim  (November 20, 1999)
6.  The Sinai Covenant Is A Temporary Covenant  Elie Nessim  (November 25, 2003)
7.  The Precious Word Of God  Elie Nessim  (September 11 1999)

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Some articles are also available in Spanish and Chinese

In-Depth Studies:

1.  The Evangelical Prophet  Elie Nessim  (June 14, 2003)
2.  A Lost Reprieve  Elie Nessim  (August 18, 2002)
3.  Back to Sinai  Elie Nessim  (August 4, 2002)
4.  Abijam's Failure  Elie Nessim  (July 7, 2002)
5.  A Faithful Spirit  Elie Nessim  (April 22, 2001)
6.  A Way to Avoid  Elie Nessim  (December 18, 1999)

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Special Topics (Video)

Our 7 latest special topics videos:

Date Title Speaker
Mar 29, 2008Does Israel have the right to the Land of Israel?Elie Nessim
Mar 15, 2008How to study the BibleElie Nessim
Mar 3, 2008The origin and identity of the Messiah of IsraelElie Nessim
Feb 23, 2008The Marriage of the Lamb and the Wife of GOD are themes in Scripture. How is the Bride concept dealt with in Scripture, in relation to Israel, the Body of Messiah and the Nation?Elie Nessim
Feb 9, 2008Can you elaborate on the image in Romans 11 of the Olive Tree, and explain why Abraham is the root?Elie Nessim
Jan 26, 2008Yeshua is born of a virgin according to the Hebrew Scriptures, it clearly states Yeshua must come through the father, not the mother. Is this not a contradiction?Elie Nessim

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Video Series


ZMF Questions and Answers Sessions
In these eight sessions we cover the answers to some very important questions about ZMF and what we believe.

Studies in Galatians

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