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May 27, 2017Yeshua Must Increase, I Must DecreaseJohn 3:22-36Richard Carruthers
May 20, 2017Yeshua Came to Destroy the Works of the Devil1 John 3:8Pastor Albert Runge
May 13, 2017Jesus Found in the TabernacleJohn 1:14Ron Edgecombe
Mar 11, 2017Trei Asar: God’s Troubled ProphetJonah 4Daniel Nessim
Mar 04, 2017How to End Your Life WellPhilippians 3:12-17Pastor Albert Runge
Feb 25, 2017Trei Asar: G-D Relents if We RepentJonah 3Daniel Nessim
Feb 18, 2017Trei Asar: Jonah’s Sinking FeelingJonah 1:17-2Daniel Nessim
Feb 11, 2017Trei Asar: He Can't Help Himself!Jonah 1Daniel Nessim
Feb 04, 2017Trei Asar: Obadiah and the Pride of EdomObadiah 1Daniel Nessim
Jan 28, 2017Trei Asar: The Visions of AmosAmos 7-9Daniel Nessim
Jan 21, 2017Who is Yeshua? The Witness of His First FollowersJohn 1:35-51Richard Carruthers
Jan 14, 2017The Sermons of AmosAmos 3-6Daniel Nessim
Jan 07, 2017Preparing for Messiah's ComingJohn 1:6-34Richard Carruthers
Dec 24, 2016The Reasons for the IncarnationPhilippians 2:5-12Pastor Albert Runge
Oct 08, 2016God With Us1 Corinthians 1:17Daniel Nessim
Oct 01, 2016Lord of All TimeColossians 2:6-23Daniel Nessim
Sep 24, 2016Understanding the Glory of GodIsaiah 6:1-10Pastor Albert Runge
Sep 17, 2016Shuvah YisraelActs 2Daniel Nessim
Sep 10, 2016Your Calling1 Corinthians 1Elie Nessim
Sep 03, 2016Go, Grow, and KnowMatthew 28:18-20Daniel Nessim
Aug 27, 2016A Rabbi Writes Rome: Our Home – Secure in MessiahRomans 16Daniel Nessim
Aug 20, 2016Prayer – G-d’s Way of Accomplishing His PurposesDaniel 10Richard Carruthers
Aug 13, 2016God Has a PurposeRomans 8:28-31Pastor Albert Runge
Aug 06, 2016The Cross, God's Foolishness1 Corinthians 1:14-25Elie Nessim
Jul 30, 2016A Rabbi Writes Rome: The Communion of Israel and the NationsRomans 15Daniel Nessim
Jul 23, 2016A Rabbi Writes Rome: Idols, Holy Days, and YouRomans 14Daniel Nessim
Jul 16, 2016AfterwardsHosea 3:1-5Elie Nessim
Jul 09, 2016A Rabbi Writes Rome: Power and EmpowermentRomans 13Daniel Nessim
Jul 02, 2016Prayer, the Jews, and the End of the WorldDaniel 9Richard Carruthers
Jun 25, 2016Understanding the Mysteries of GodLuke 8:10-11Pastor Albert Runge
Jun 18, 2016A Rabbi Writes Rome: A Holy SacrificeRomans 11Daniel Nessim
Jun 11, 2016Divine BetrothalHosea 2Elie Nessim
Jun 04, 2016Elijah, the Olive Tree, and the Promises of GodRomans 11Daniel Nessim
May 28, 2016A Rabbi Writes Rome: Torah and EmunahRomans 10Daniel Nessim
May 21, 2016A Rabbi Writes Rome: The Heart of the ShaliachRomans 9Daniel Nessim
May 14, 2016G–d Sustains Us in Dark TimesDaniel 8Richard Carruthers
May 07, 2016A Rabbi Writes Rome: Ruach and YetserRomans 8Daniel Nessim
Apr 23, 2016The Answer to the World's DesperationZechariah 9:9Pastor Albert Runge
Apr 16, 2016Strife in God's House1 Corinthians 1:10-29Elie Nessim
Apr 09, 2016A Rabbi Writes Rome: Law & LifeRomans 7:1-25Daniel Nessim
Apr 02, 2016G–d Has Everything Under ControlDaniel 7Richard Carruthers
Mar 26, 2016A Rabbi Writes Rome: A Life to GodRomans 6Daniel Nessim
Mar 19, 2016Heaven is a RealityJohn 14:1-7Pastor Albert Runge
Mar 12, 2016The Saints at Corinth1 Corinthians 1:1-9Elie Nessim
Mar 05, 2016A Rabbi Writes Rome: One Man Did it AllRomans 5:6-21Daniel Nessim
Feb 27, 2016A Rabbi Writes Rome: 5 Reasons for HopeRomans 5:1-5Daniel Nessim
Feb 20, 2016G-d's Love is Better Than LifeDaniel 6:1-28Richard Carruthers
Feb 13, 2016A Rabbi Writes Rome: The Promise KeeperRomans 4:13-25Daniel Nessim
Feb 06, 2016Pay Attention to G-dDaniel 5Richard Carruthers
Jan 30, 2016A Rabbi Writes Rome: Walk Like AbrahamRomans 4:1-12Daniel Nessim
Jan 23, 2016The Heavenly BanquetIsaiah 55:1-4Elie Nessim
Jan 16, 2016A Rabbi Writes Rome: Tzedakah, Torah, and EmunahRomans 3:21-31Daniel Nessim
Jan 09, 2016A Rabbi Writes Rome: The Missing AdvantageRomans 3:9-20Daniel Nessim
Jan 02, 2016Humbled to Trust The KingDaniel 4Richard Carruthers
Dec 26, 2015A Rabbi Writes Rome: Circumcision and the OraclesRomans 3:1-8Daniel Nessim
Dec 19, 2015Our G–d Whom We Serve is AbleDaniel 3Richard Carruthers
Dec 12, 2015A Rabbi Writes Rome: The Heart, the Spirit, and the LetterRomans 2:17-29Daniel Nessim
Dec 05, 2015Our Eternal High PriestPsalm 110Elie Nessim
Nov 28, 2015A Rabbi Writes Rome: The Torah and the HeartRomans 2:12-16Daniel Nessim
Nov 21, 2015The Sovereign King Reveals His Unshareable KingdomDaniel 2:24-29Richard Carruthers
Nov 14, 2015A Rabbi Writes Rome: Our Impartial JudgeRomans 2:1-11Daniel Nessim
Nov 07, 2015The Runaway ReturnsPhilemon 1:1-25Elie Nessim
Oct 31, 2015A Rabbi Writes Rome: Idolatry, Sin, and the True GodRomans 1:22-32Daniel Nessim
Oct 24, 2015A Rabbi Writes Rome: The Knowledge of GodRomans 1:16-21Daniel Nessim
Oct 17, 2015Trusting in the Revealer of SecretsDaniel 2:1-23Richard Carruthers
Oct 10, 2015Fruitful FaithTitus 3:4-15Elie Nessim
Oct 03, 2015A Rabbi Writes Rome: The Heart of the ApostleRomans 1:7-15Daniel Nessim
Sep 26, 2015God is Faithful2 Samuel 7:12-17Pastor Albert Runge
Sep 19, 2015A Rabbi Writes Rome: Saul the ServantRomans 1:1-6Daniel Nessim
Sep 12, 2015Order in God's HouseTitus 3:1-8Elie Nessim
Sep 05, 2015A Prophet of HopeObadiah 1:1-21Daniel Nessim
Aug 29, 2015The G-d of Israel is in ControlDaniel 1:1-21Richard Carruthers
Aug 22, 2015The Key to HapinessPsalm 1:1-6Daniel Nessim
Aug 15, 2015Living in G–d's Great Love StoryRuth 4:1-22Richard Carruthers
Aug 08, 2015Salvation is of the JewsJohn 4:22-24Daniel Nessim
Aug 01, 2015Children of HopeTitus 2:13-15Elie Nessim
Jul 25, 2015Living Life Under His WingsRuth 3:1-18Richard Carruthers
Jul 18, 2015When Abraham Met the King of Righteousness and PeaceGenesis 14:18-20Pastor Albert Runge
Jul 11, 2015A Word for ServantsTitus 2:9-12Elie Nessim
Jul 04, 2015G–d at Work Behind the ScenesRuth 2:1-23Richard Carruthers
Jun 27, 2015Many Misjudge God Because They Do Not Know HimDeuteronomy 5:24-29Pastor Albert Runge
Jun 20, 2015Rules for God's HouseTitus 1:10-2:8Elie Nessim
Jun 13, 2015Trusting G-d in Dark TimesRuth 1:1-22Richard Carruthers
Jun 06, 2015The Gift of The Holy Spirit2 Timothy 1:7-12Pastor Albert Runge
May 30, 2015Godly EldersTitus 1:7-13Elie Nessim
May 23, 2015The Blessings of ShavuotLeviticus 23:15-22Richard Carruthers
May 16, 2015God's Great Salvation for SinnersHebrews 2:1-5Pastor Albert Runge
May 09, 2015Blameless EldersTitus 1:1-9Elie Nessim
May 02, 2015G-d's Gift of Certainty1 John 5:18-21Richard Carruthers
Apr 25, 2015Becoming ChristlikePhilippians 2:5-12Pastor Albert Runge
Apr 18, 2015Saints in CreteTitus 1:4-5Elie Nessim
Apr 11, 2015Yeshua is the Manifest of the Glory of GodJohn 11:1-55Pastor Albert Runge
Mar 28, 2015The Promise of LifeTitus 1:1-3Elie Nessim
Mar 21, 2015Confident Prayer1 John 5:14-17Richard Carruthers
Mar 14, 2015Yeshua’s PreeminenceColossians 1:13-20Pastor Albert Runge
Mar 07, 2015Job's Questions AnsweredJob 1-42Elie Nessim
Feb 28, 2015Assured of Eternal Life1 John 5:6-13Richard Carruthers
Feb 21, 2015Benefits of DiscipleshipJohn 6:65-69Pastor Albert Runge
Feb 14, 2015Restore Us AgainPsalm 80Elie Nessim
Feb 07, 2015Evidences and Blessings of the New Birth1 John 5:1-5Richard Carruthers
Jan 31, 2015God Will Establish His Kingdom on EarthPsalm 2Pastor Albert Runge
Jan 24, 2015Weights and MeasuresProverbs 20:10-15Elie Nessim
Jan 17, 2015G–d is Maturing His Love in Us1 John 4:17-5:1Richard Carruthers
Jan 10, 2015The New Covenant Supersedes The Old Covenant2 Corinthians 3Pastor Albert Runge
Jan 03, 2015Sowing and ReapingProverbs 20:4-9Elie Nessim
Dec 27, 2014Yeshua is the Only Hope for HumanityJohn 1:1-17Pastor Albert Runge
Dec 20, 2014Yeshua the Light of the WorldJohn 10:22Richard Carruthers
Dec 13, 2014Witnesses True and FalseProverbs 19:28-20:3Elie Nessim
Dec 06, 2014Faithful Truths Worthy of Acceptance1 Timothy 1:15-17Pastor Albert Runge
Nov 29, 2014Growing in G-d's Love1 John 4:12-16Richard Carruthers
Nov 22, 2014Lessons in PrudenceProverbs 19:24-27Elie Nessim
Nov 15, 2014G–d is Love1 John 4:7-11Richard Carruthers
Nov 08, 2014Trust The Holy Spirit to Guide YouRomans 8Pastor Albert Runge
Nov 01, 2014The Value of CounselProverbs 19:20-23Elie Nessim
Oct 25, 2014Test the Spirits1 John 4:1-6Richard Carruthers
Oct 18, 2014The Benefits of YeshuaIsaiah 9:6-7Pastor Albert Runge
Oct 11, 2014Parents and ChildrenProverbs 19:18-19Elie Nessim
Oct 04, 2014Yom Kippur – Portrait of YeshuaLeviticus 16Richard Carruthers
Sep 27, 2014Beware of HypocrisyLuke 11:37-54Pastor Albert Runge
Sep 20, 2014The Diligent SoulProverbs 19:15-17Elie Nessim
Sep 13, 2014God Has the Same Plan of Redemption for Jews and GentilesRomans 11Pastor Albert Runge
Sep 06, 2014Abiding in Yeshua1 John 3:24Richard Carruthers
Aug 30, 2014The Day God Redeems IsraelZechariah 12-13:1Pastor Albert Runge
Aug 23, 2014And Also to the GreekRomans 1:16-17Daniel Nessim
Aug 16, 2014Fully Assured Before G–D1 John 3:19-23Richard Carruthers
Aug 09, 2014Praying For Peace in a World Where There is No PeacePsalm 122Daniel Nessim
Aug 02, 2014Making Messiah Your PriorityPhilippians 1:20-26Pastor Albert Runge
Jul 26, 2014The Life of Love in Yeshua1 John 3:10-18Richard Carruthers
Jul 19, 2014The Abiding Peace of GodPsalm 34Pastor Albert Runge
Jul 12, 2014Purifying Ourselves in Hope1 John 3:3-10Richard Carruthers
Jul 05, 2014Our Mission is Making DisciplesMatthew 28:18-20Pastor Albert Runge
Jun 28, 2014Children of God1 John 3:2Richard Carruthers
Jun 21, 2014Serving Our Lord Through the AssemblyPhilippians 2:1-4Pastor Albert Runge
Jun 14, 2014The Father's Amazing Love1 John 3:1Richard Carruthers
Jun 07, 2014The Meaning of PentecostActs 2Pastor Albert Runge
May 31, 2014Living in Light of Yeshua's Return1 John 2:28-29Richard Carruthers
May 24, 2014Salvation Has Always Been on God’s GraceGenesis 16-25Pastor Albert Runge
May 17, 2014Living in the Last Hour1 John 2:18-27Richard Carruthers
May 10, 2014Women Are Significant PeopleGenesis 2-3Pastor Albert Runge
May 03, 2014Love G-d, Not the "World"1 John 2:15-17Richard Carruthers
Apr 26, 2014The Three Reliable Witnesses of the Resurrection1 Corinthians 15:3-12Pastor Albert Runge
Apr 12, 2014The Blessings of Being in G-d’s Family1 John 2:12-14Richard Carruthers
Apr 05, 2014God's Love is TrustworthyJohn 3:14-21Pastor Albert Runge
Mar 29, 2014The Blessing of Being Persecuted for GodMatthew 5:10-16Pastor Albert Runge
Mar 22, 2014The Evidence of Love1 John 2:7-11Richard Carruthers
Mar 15, 2014Faith and the Kingdom of GodMark 4:30-34Pastor Albert Runge
Mar 08, 2014Knowing We Know G-d1 John 2:3-6Richard Carruthers
Mar 01, 2014Why the Messiah CameMicah 5: 1 - 5Pastor Albert Runge
Feb 22, 2014Yeshua Our Advocate1 John 2: 1 - 2Richard Carruthers
Feb 15, 2014The Family is God's IdeaGenesis 2: 18, 22-23Pastor Albert Runge
Feb 08, 2014Life in the Light, and Sin1 John 1: 5 - 10Richard Carruthers
Feb 01, 2014Called to be DisciplesMatthew 4: 18 - 22Pastor Albert Runge
Jan 25, 2014G-d is Light!!1 John 1:5Richard Carruthers
Jan 18, 2014For Me to Live is Christ and to Die is GainPhilippians 3: 7 - 15Pastor Albert Runge
Jan 11, 2014Invitation to Life in Yeshua1 John 1: 1 - 5Richard Carruthers
Jan 04, 2014Blessed are the Peace MakersMatthew 5: 9-11Pastor Albert Runge
Dec 28, 2013Praising the L-RDPsalm 150Richard Carruthers
Dec 21, 2013The Blessings of the New LifeMatthew 5: 6-8Pastor Albert Runge
Dec 14, 2013Cast Your Burden on G-dPsalm 55:22Richard Carruthers
Dec 07, 2013Entering Into God's KingdomMatthew 5: 3 - 5Pastor Albert Runge
Nov 30, 2013Yeshua Celebrates HanukkahJohn 10:22-42Richard Carruthers
Nov 23, 2013Yeshua Is the Good ShepherdJohn 10:11-33Pastor Albert Runge
Nov 16, 2013G-d's GuidancePsalm 25Richard Carruthers
Nov 09, 2013God's Love Is Available for Us1 John 4:7-16Pastor Albert Runge
Nov 02, 2013G-d's Elegant WordPsalm 119: 89 - 96Richard Carruthers
Oct 26, 2013On the Foolishness of God's Wisdom1 Corinthians 1: 17 - 31Pastor Albert Runge
Oct 19, 2013The Blessing of Citizenship in G-d's CityPsalm 48Richard Carruthers
Oct 12, 2013Benefits of DiscipleshipMatthew 14: 22 - 34Pastor Albert Runge
Oct 05, 2013Security in G-dPsalm 139Richard Carruthers
Sep 28, 2013Doing Good DeedsJeremiah 38:1-13Pastor Albert Runge
Sep 21, 2013Yeshua Celebrates SukkotJohn 7:37-39Richard Carruthers
Sep 14, 2013Benefits of AtonementRomans 8:31-39Pastor Albert Runge
Sep 07, 2013Feast of Trumpets -- G-d CallingLeviticus 23:23-25Richard Carruthers
Aug 31, 2013The ChosenDeuteronomy 7:6; Isaiah 19:25; Luke 23:35Daniel Nessim
Aug 24, 2013Thankful for G-d's LovePsalm 136Richard Carruthers
Aug 17, 2013Becoming a Servant of GodNumbers 14:10-20Pastor Albert Runge
Aug 10, 2013G-d's Blessing of UnityPsalm 133Richard Carruthers
Aug 03, 2013The Secret Place of the Most HighJoshua 1Pastor Albert Runge
Jul 27, 2013A Prayer of RepentancePsalm 51Pastor Albert Runge
Jul 20, 2013Looking to G-d for MercyPsalm 123Richard Carruthers
Jul 13, 2013A Gentile Woman's Faith in the God of Israel1 Kings 17Pastor Albert Runge
Jul 06, 2013The L-RD, Our ProtectorPsalm 121Richard Carruthers
Jun 29, 2013The Water of LifeIsaiah 44:3-8Pastor Albert Runge
Jun 22, 2013God's Warnings Are Meant To Save Us2 Chronicles 36Pastor Albert Runge
Jun 15, 2013G-d's PatiencePsalm 106Richard Carruthers
Jun 08, 2013God is Actively Calling UsDeuteronomy 6:7-11Pastor Albert Runge
Jun 01, 2013Encouragement to Worship the L-RDPsalm 100Richard Carruthers
May 25, 2013The Joy of Trusting the L-rdPsalm 84:9-12Richard Carruthers
May 18, 2013The Necessity of FaithNumbers 11 and 13Pastor Albert Runge
May 11, 2013The Benefits of Tithing1 Chronicles 29:10Pastor Albert Runge
May 04, 2013Strength for the JourneyPsalm 84: 5-8Richard Carruthers
Apr 27, 2013How to Live a Meaningful LifeIsaiah 6Pastor Albert Runge
Apr 20, 2013The Marriage Feast of the LambIsaiah 25:6-9Pastor Albert Runge
Apr 13, 2013G-d - Our Desire and DelightPsalm 84:1-4Richard Carruthers
Apr 06, 2013The Lord is my ShepherdPsalm 23Pastor Albert Runge
Mar 23, 2013G-d's Majesty - Mankind's DignityPsalm 8Richard Carruthers
Mar 16, 2013Hell is for RealLuke 16:19-31Pastor Albert Runge
Mar 09, 2013Spiritual WarfareEphesians 6: 11 - 19Pastor Albert Runge
Mar 02, 2013G-d's Gift of SleepPsalm 4Richard Carruthers
Feb 23, 2013Obtaining LoveJohn 15:1-17Pastor Albert Runge
Feb 16, 2013Walking in the Light1 John 1:1-2:2Pastor Albert Runge
Feb 09, 2013The Happiness of Being ForgivenPsalm 32Richard Carruthers
Feb 02, 2013We Should Attend an AssemblyMatthew 16:16-22Pastor Albert Runge
Jan 26, 2013The Slothful SoulProverbs 19:15Elie Nessim
Jan 19, 2013Preparing for LifePsalm 20Richard Carruthers
Jan 12, 2013Getting Your Heart Right With God1 Chronicles 28:9Pastor Albert Runge
Jan 05, 2013My TestimonyRomans 12:1Pastor Albert Runge
Dec 29, 2012The Blessings of PrayerPsalm 86:6-17Richard Carruthers
Dec 22, 2012The Meaning of MessiahLuke 1:26-38Pastor Albert Runge
Dec 15, 2012GodMalachi 3:10 - 4:06Elie Nessim
Dec 08, 2012The Lessons of ChanukkahDaniel 8Richard Carruthers
Dec 01, 2012The Secret of IsraelEzekiel 37:1-14Pastor Albert Runge
Nov 24, 2012The Divine MessiahMalachi 3:1-10Elie Nessim
Nov 17, 2012The G-d To Whom We PrayPsalm 86:5,15Richard Carruthers
Nov 10, 2012Violated Marriage CovenantsMalachi 2: 10-17Elie Nessim
Nov 03, 2012The Redemptive MessiahDaniel 9:24-27Pastor Albert Runge
Oct 27, 2012Prayer - A Relationship with G-dPsalm 86:1-5Richard Carruthers
Oct 20, 2012The Covenant ViolatedMalachi 1-2Elie Nessim
Oct 13, 2012The Water of LifeJohn 7:37-40Pastor Albert Runge
Oct 06, 2012Yeshua Reveals His Glorious KingdomMark 5Richard Carruthers
Sep 29, 2012The Great CompromiseNehemiah 13Elie Nessim
Sep 26, 2012Meditations on the Day of AtonementLeviticus 23:26-29Pastor Albert Runge
Sep 22, 2012A Study of BalaamNumbers 22 - 24Pastor Albert Runge
Sep 15, 2012The Great CommitmentNehemiah 10Elie Nessim
Sep 08, 2012The Priesthood of the MessiahGenesis 14:18-24Pastor Albert Runge
Aug 25, 2012God's Remedy for Evil2 Chronicles 33Pastor Albert Runge
Aug 18, 2012From Bitter to the Sweet - A SinnerRomans 8:28James Groening
Aug 11, 2012The Wondrous Adventure of Walking with G-dActs 16Richard Carruthers
Aug 04, 2012Pursued by Yeshua MessiahJohn 4Pastor Albert Runge
Jul 28, 2012G-d Works for our GoodRomans 8:28Richard Carruthers
Jul 21, 2012Waiting for G-dPsalm 62Richard Carruthers
Jul 14, 2012Making God Your First Love2 Timothy 3; 1 John 2Pastor Albert Runge
Jul 07, 2012A Love That Will Not Let Us GoRomans 8Pastor Albert Runge
Jun 30, 2012The G-d of Israel is King of kingsDaniel 6Richard Carruthers
Jun 23, 2012Intimacy with the AlmightyProverbs 3:5-6Pastor Albert Runge
Jun 16, 2012The Pursuit of HappinessPsalm 1Pastor Albert Runge
Jun 09, 2012Experiencing G-d and His Help Through Prayer2 Corinthians 1:1-11Richard Carruthers
Jun 02, 2012Spiritual RejoicingNehemiah 7-8Elie Nessim
May 26, 2012The Meaning of PentecostActs 1-2Pastor Albert Runge
May 19, 2012SatanNehemiah 6Elie Nessim
May 12, 2012The Revelation of the Glorified MessiahRevelation 1Pastor Albert Runge
May 05, 2012A Crisis DefusedNehemiah 5Elie Nessim
Apr 28, 2012God is Calling Us to a Good PurposeJeremiah 29:10-14Pastor Albert Runge
Apr 21, 2012Pursuing HolinessHebrews 12:14Pastor Albert Runge
Apr 14, 2012Remember GodIsaiah 46:9-10Pastor Albert Runge
Mar 31, 2012Facing the AdversaryNehemiah 4Elie Nessim
Mar 24, 2012GodLeviticus 17:11Pastor Albert Runge
Mar 17, 2012Rebuilding the WallsNehemiah 3Elie Nessim
Mar 10, 2012God Has a Wonderful Plan for Your LifeRomans 8:29-30Pastor Albert Runge
Mar 03, 2012Emergency PrayerNehemiah 1Elie Nessim
Feb 25, 2012The Family is God's IdeaGenesis 2Pastor Albert Runge
Feb 18, 2012Distressing NewsEzra 9-10Elie Nessim
Feb 11, 2012Following GodActs 22Pastor Albert Runge
Feb 04, 2012The Splendour of GodIsaiah 6:3Pastor Albert Runge
Jan 28, 2012One New ManGalatians 3:28Daniel Nessim
Jan 21, 2012On the Journey of FaithGenesis 12:1-3Pastor Albert Runge
Jan 14, 2012How to Resolve ConflictsEphesians 4:30-32Pastor Albert Runge
Jan 07, 2012Winning The RacePhilippians 3:12-16Pastor Albert Runge
Dec 31, 2011What Is The Meaning of Life?1 Corinthians 15:45-49Pastor Albert Runge
Dec 24, 2011Let's Celebrate the Birthday of YeshuaLuke 2Pastor Albert Runge
Dec 17, 2011We Beheld His GloryJohn 1:14James Groening
Dec 10, 2011Not Religion but RegenerationJohn 3:1-14Pastor Albert Runge
Dec 03, 2011After these thingsEzra 7-8Elie Nessim
Nov 26, 2011Enter EzraEzra 5-7Elie Nessim
Nov 19, 2011Listening to GodHebrews 1:1-4Pastor Albert Runge
Nov 12, 2011Behold the ManZechariah 5-6Elie Nessim
Nov 05, 2011To Know Yeshua is to Love HimJohn 8:2-12Pastor Albert Runge
Oct 29, 2011The Golden LampstandZechariah 4Elie Nessim
Oct 22, 2011Working Out Your SalvationPhilippians 2:12Pastor Albert Runge
Oct 15, 2011SukkotLeviticus 23:33-44Elie Nessim
Oct 08, 2011The Day of AtonementJeremiah 31:33Pastor Albert Runge
Oct 01, 2011The Day of the ShopharLeviticus 23:23-25Elie Nessim
Sep 24, 2011Why Is God Angry?Romans 1:16-32Pastor Albert Runge
Sep 17, 2011Will All Israel Be Saved?Romans 1-11Daniel Nessim
Sep 10, 2011How God Makes The UnGodly GodlyExodus 2Pastor Albert Runge
Sep 03, 2011Messiah The BranchZechariah 3Elie Nessim
Aug 27, 2011Belated RepentanceZechariah 1:1-2:13Elie Nessim
Aug 20, 2011Clean Hands NeededHaggai 2:10-23Elie Nessim
Aug 13, 2011The Healing of Naaman2 Kings 5: 1-19Pastor Albert Runge
Aug 06, 2011The Latter HouseHaggai 2: 1-9Elie Nessim
Jul 30, 2011The Parable of the SowerMatthew 13:3-9Pastor Albert Runge
Jul 23, 2011Messiah Was Slain To Redeem Us To G-dRevelation 5:8-10Richard Carruthers
Jul 16, 2011Messiah And The End of TimeRevelation 5:1-7Richard Carruthers
Jul 09, 2011The Prophets Step InEzra 4-5:17; Haggai 1Elie Nessim
Jul 02, 2011Worship RestoredEzra 3:1-4:5Elie Nessim
Jun 25, 2011You Are WorthyRevelation 4:4-11Richard Carruthers
Jun 18, 2011Come Up Here!Revelation 4:1-3Richard Carruthers
Jun 11, 2011Return from BabylonEzra 1-2:70Elie Nessim
Jun 04, 2011The Only Potentate1 Timothy 6:13-21Elie Nessim
May 28, 2011Who Is The Greatest?Mark 10:35-45Pastor Albert Runge
May 21, 2011The God of ComfortIsaiah 40:1-11Pastor Albert Runge
May 14, 2011Flee, Follow, Fight1 Timothy 6:11-14Elie Nessim
May 07, 2011True Gain1 Timothy 6:6-10Elie Nessim
Apr 30, 2011The Failed CoverupMatthew 27:62-64; 28:11-15Pastor Albert Runge
Apr 16, 2011Yeshua's Gift of ShalomJohn 14:25-31Richard Carruthers
Apr 09, 2011True Godliness1 Timothy 6:1-8Elie Nessim
Apr 02, 2011The Leprosy of Sin1 Timothy 5:24-25Elie Nessim
Mar 26, 2011Obeying God's Commands Out of LoveJohn 14:21-24Richard Carruthers
Mar 19, 2011The Ruach HaKodesh - Another Helper Like YeshuaJohn 14:16-20Richard Carruthers
Mar 12, 2011Good Elders, Bad Elders1 Timothy 5:19-22Elie Nessim
Mar 05, 2011Widows and Elders1 Timothy 5:11-18Elie Nessim
Feb 26, 2011Doing the Work of Yeshua through PrayerJohn 14:12-15Richard Carruthers
Feb 19, 2011The Great Blessing of Knowing God through Yeshua HaMashiachJohn 14:5-11Richard Carruthers
Feb 12, 2011Family Relations1 Timothy 5:1-10Elie Nessim
Feb 05, 2011God1 Timothy 4:12-16Elie Nessim
Jan 29, 2011Does God Answer Our Prayers?Hebrews 4: 14 - 15Pastor Albert Runge
Jan 22, 2011Blessed in the FatherJohn 14:1-6Richard Carruthers
Jan 15, 2011Trusting God for an Untroubled HeartJohn 14:1Richard Carruthers
Jan 08, 2011Departing From The Faith1 Timothy 4:1-11Elie Nessim
Jan 01, 2011God Manifest1 Timothy 3:16Elie Nessim
Dec 25, 2010Experiencing YeshuaJohn 1: 14 - 17Richard Carruthers
Dec 18, 2010Yeshua Mashiach - The Eternal WordJohn 1:1-14Richard Carruthers
Dec 11, 2010God Manifest in the Flesh1 Timothy 3:14-16Elie Nessim
Dec 04, 2010Deacons1 Timothy 3:8-13Elie Nessim
Nov 27, 2010Love TriumphantRomans 12:17-21Richard Carruthers
Nov 20, 2010Blessed to BlessRomans 12:14-16Richard Carruthers
Nov 13, 2010Overseers & Elders1 Timothy 3:1-7Elie Nessim
Nov 06, 2010Teachers1 Timothy 2:11-16Elie Nessim
Oct 30, 2010Forgive Our Debts as We Forgive Our DebtorsMatthew 6:12Pastor Albert Runge
Oct 23, 2010Love's Joy in Hope, Patience in Trouble, Devotion to PrayerRomans 12:12Richard Carruthers
Oct 16, 2010Loving Others GenuinelyRomans 12:9-11Richard Carruthers
Oct 09, 2010Concerning Prayer1 Timothy 2:8-10Elie Nessim
Oct 02, 2010One God, One Mediator1 Timothy 2:5-7Elie Nessim
Sep 25, 2010Sukkot - God, Our Present & Future JoyRevelation 21:1-8Richard Carruthers
Sep 18, 2010Yom Kippur - Drawing Near to God Through Yeshua MashiachLeviticus 16Richard Carruthers
Sep 11, 2010The Refuge of the GodlyPsalm 27Elie Nessim
Sep 04, 2010True Prayer1 Timothy 2:1-4Elie Nessim
Aug 28, 2010The Blessing of Spiritual GiftsRomans 12:4-8Richard Carruthers
Aug 21, 2010Sane ThinkingRomans 12:3-5Richard Carruthers
Aug 14, 2010The King1 Timothy 1:17-20Elie Nessim
Aug 07, 2010Enabling Grace1 Timothy 1:12-16Elie Nessim
Jul 31, 2010Delighting in GodRomans 12:1-2Richard Carruthers
Jul 24, 2010Living Stones: Messianic Body Life1 Peter 4:7-11Daniel Nessim
Jul 17, 2010Setting the Lord Always Before UsPsalm 16Richard Carruthers
Jul 10, 2010The Law Is Good1 Timothy 1:8-11Elie Nessim
Jul 03, 2010Using God1 Timothy 1:4-8Elie Nessim
Jun 26, 2010The Blessing of GodDeuteronomy 6:4-9Richard Carruthers
Jun 19, 2010Loving God Who Loved Us FirstDeuteronomy 6:1-5Richard Carruthers
Jun 12, 2010The Old Paths1 Timothy 1:1-4Elie Nessim
Jun 05, 2010The Salutation1 Timothy 1:1Elie Nessim
May 29, 2010How We Should Live In the Light of Yeshua2 Peter 3:1-13Richard Carruthers
May 22, 2010Shavuot: A Portrait of Revival and Spiritual AwakeningLeviticus 23:15-21; Acts 2:1-13, 40-41Richard Carruthers
May 15, 2010Worship the Lord in the Beauty of HolinessPsalm 29:2Pastor Albert Runge
May 08, 2010Family Weals and WoesProverbs 19:13-15Elie Nessim
May 01, 2010Discreet AngerProverbs 19:10-12Elie Nessim
Apr 24, 2010In the Presence of His Majesty ForeverJude 24-25Richard Carruthers
Apr 17, 2010Kept Safe by God in a Fallen WorldJude 1:24Richard Carruthers
Apr 10, 2010Finding, KeepingProverbs 19:8-9Elie Nessim
Mar 27, 2010Behold Your KingZechariah 9:9Pastor Albert Runge
Mar 20, 2010All Israel Shall Be SavedRomans 11:1-15,25-26,33-36Richard Carruthers
Mar 13, 2010Prince and PauperProverbs 19:6-7Elie Nessim
Mar 06, 2010Wealth and WitnessProverbs 19:4-5Elie Nessim
Feb 27, 2010Four Lessons from the Book of EstherEsther Pastor Albert Runge
Feb 20, 2010Timely KnowledgeProverbs 19:2-3Elie Nessim
Feb 13, 2010The One True FriendProverbs 18:24-19:1Elie Nessim
Feb 06, 2010Experiencing and Enjoying Our Salvation in Yeshua MashiachActs 9:8-22Richard Carruthers
Jan 30, 2010Yeshua Mashiach Our RighteousnessActs 9:1-8Richard Carruthers
Jan 23, 2010Life and Death WordsProverbs 18:20-23Elie Nessim
Jan 16, 2010The Use of LotsProverbs 18:18-19Elie Nessim
Jan 09, 2010Fruitful GiftsProverbs 18:16-18Elie Nessim
Jan 02, 2010The Redemptive MessiahIsaiah 53Pastor Albert Runge
Dec 26, 2009God with usActs 14:11Elie Nessim
Dec 19, 2009The Broken PropProverbs 18:14-15Elie Nessim
Dec 12, 2009Our Mighty RefugeProverbs 18:10-13Elie Nessim
Dec 05, 2009In the Secret Place Near God is our GoodPsalm 91Richard Carruthers
Nov 28, 2009Loose LipsProverbs 18:7-9Elie Nessim
Nov 21, 2009Flawed PoliciesProverbs 18:5-6Elie Nessim
Nov 14, 2009The Trustworthiness of God1 Timothy 6:17-19Pastor Albert Runge
Nov 07, 2009Danger SignsProverbs 18:3-4Elie Nessim
Oct 31, 2009Prayer And The Purposes of GodActs 12Richard Carruthers
Oct 24, 2009False AppearancesProverbs 17:28-18:2Elie Nessim
Oct 17, 2009Unjust PenaltiesProverbs 17:26-27Elie Nessim
Oct 10, 2009God-centred WisdomProverbs 17:24-25Elie Nessim
Oct 03, 2009The Foolish SonProverbs 17:21-23Elie Nessim
Sep 28, 2009Our Forgiving GodMicah 7:18-20Elie Nessim
Sep 26, 2009Let's Appreciate the Holy Spirit1 Corinthians 2:9-12Pastor Albert Runge
Sep 19, 2009The Feast of TrumpetsLeviticus 23:23-25Elie Nessim
Sep 12, 2009Turn to Yeshua for God's BlessingActs 3:11-26Richard Carruthers
Sep 05, 2009Yeshua, Our HealerActs 3:1-10Richard Carruthers
Aug 29, 2009Our GuarantorProverbs 17:18-20Elie Nessim
Aug 22, 2009True FriendsProverbs 17:17Elie Nessim
Aug 15, 2009Portraits of Yeshua's LoveJohn 13Richard Carruthers
Aug 08, 2009In God's CourthouseProverbs 17:15-16Elie Nessim
Aug 01, 2009Godly ReproofProverbs 17:10-14Elie Nessim
Jul 25, 2009Bribes and GiftsProverbs 17:8-9Elie Nessim
Jul 18, 2009Gladness_ Good and BadProverbs 17:5-7Elie Nessim
Jul 11, 2009The Ruach Hakodesh - God in UsActs 2Richard Carruthers
Jul 04, 2009The Heavenly RefinerProverbs 17:3-5Elie Nessim
Jun 27, 2009The Better OptionProverbs 17:1-2Elie Nessim
Jun 20, 2009A Word to the Disorderly2 Thessalonians 3:6-18Elie Nessim
Jun 13, 2009The Lord Our Keeper2 Thessalonians 3:2-6Elie Nessim
Jun 06, 2009Tradition, True and False2 Thessalonians 2:15 - 3:1Elie Nessim
May 30, 2009The Deity of the Messiah - The Hebrew Scriptures Predicted a Divine MessiahIsaiah 9:6Pastor Albert Runge
May 23, 2009Called and Chosen2 Thessalonians 2:13-14Elie Nessim
May 16, 2009The Great Deception2 Thessalonians 2:8-12Elie Nessim
May 09, 2009The Divine Restrainer2 Thessalonians 2:5-8Elie Nessim
May 02, 2009Not Yet2 Thessalonians 2:3-4Elie Nessim
Apr 25, 2009God Answers Our PrayersDaniel 9:20-27Richard Carruthers
Apr 18, 2009Daniel's Prayer for the Rescue & Restoration of his PeopleDaniel 9:1-19Richard Carruthers
Apr 04, 2009Don't Panic2 Thessalonians 2:1-3Elie Nessim
Mar 28, 2009Messiah Glorified2 Thessalonians 1:11-12Elie Nessim
Mar 21, 2009Better Promises of the New CovenantJeremiah 31:31Pastor Albert Runge
Mar 14, 2009Divine Vindicator2 Thessalonians 1:7-10Elie Nessim
Mar 07, 2009Dynamic Faith2 Thessalonians 1:1-6Elie Nessim
Feb 28, 2009Steadfast Faith2 Thessalonians 1:1Elie Nessim
Feb 21, 2009God is Faithful1 Thessalonians 5:23-28Elie Nessim
Feb 14, 2009Hold to the Good1 Thessalonians 5:22-23Elie Nessim
Feb 07, 2009Look to the Lord in Difficult DaysMicah 7:7Richard Carruthers
Jan 31, 2009Prophesyings1 Thessalonians 5:20-21Elie Nessim
Jan 24, 2009Rejoice, Pray, Give Thanks1 Thessalonians 5:15-19Elie Nessim
Jan 17, 2009Mutual Ministry1 Thessalonians 5:12-15Elie Nessim
Jan 10, 2009Vessels of Mercy1 Thessalonians 5:9-11Elie Nessim
Jan 03, 2009Dwellers in Light1 Thessalonians 5:5-8Elie Nessim
Dec 20, 2008The Day of the Lord1 Thessalonians 5:1-4Elie Nessim
Dec 13, 2008Hope in Sorrow1 Thessalonians 4:13-18Elie Nessim
Dec 06, 2008Can these bones live? How God Brings Hope From DespairEzekiel 37:1-14Richard Carruthers
Nov 29, 2008Taught of God1 Thessalonians 4:9-12Elie Nessim
Nov 22, 2008Love Has Boundaries1 Thessalonians 4:6-8Elie Nessim
Nov 15, 2008Aim to Excel1 Thessalonians 3:12-4:5Elie Nessim
Nov 08, 2008Beyond Thanks1 Thessalonians 3:9-12Elie Nessim
Nov 01, 2008Comforting News1 Thessalonians 3:5-8Elie Nessim
Oct 25, 2008Afflictions1 Thessalonians 2:20-3:4Elie Nessim
Oct 18, 2008Hinderances Over-Ruled1 Thessalonians 2:17-20Elie Nessim
Oct 11, 2008Welcoming God's Word1 Thessalonians 2:13-16Elie Nessim
Oct 04, 2008True Children1 Thessalonians 2:11-12Elie Nessim
Sep 27, 2008Feast of TrumpetsPsalms 81Elie Nessim
Sep 20, 2008Not Burdensome1 Thessalonians 2:8-10Elie Nessim
Sep 13, 2008The Promises of GodPsalms 125Daniel Nessim
Sep 06, 2008The Message And The Messenger1 Thessalonians 2:5-7Elie Nessim
Aug 30, 2008Ruth: A Love StoryRuth 1:1-4:18Richard Carruthers
Aug 16, 2008Not in Vain1 Thessalonians 2:1-4Elie Nessim
Aug 09, 2008Awaiting Messiah1 Thessalonians 1:9-10Elie Nessim
Aug 02, 2008Imitators1 Thessalonians 1:6-8Elie Nessim
Jul 26, 2008In Much Assurance1 Thessalonians 1:5-6Elie Nessim
Jul 19, 2008Election Demonstrated1 Thessalonians 1:4-5Elie Nessim
Jul 12, 2008Cause for Thanks1 Thessalonians 1:1-3Elie Nessim
Jul 05, 2008In God...in Messiah1 Thessalonians 1:1Elie Nessim
Jun 28, 2008The Hoary HeadProverbs 16:31-33Elie Nessim
Jun 21, 2008WhisperersProverbs 16:28-30Elie Nessim
Jun 14, 2008Two Kinds Of HungerProverbs 16:26-27Elie Nessim
Jun 7, 2008Godly SweetnessProverbs 16:24-25Elie Nessim
May 31, 2008Doubly WiseProverbs 16:21-23Elie Nessim
May 24, 2008Humility's RichesProverbs 16:19-20Elie Nessim
May 17, 2008Wisdom - True GoldProverbs 16:16-18Elie Nessim
May 10, 2008Effective Prayer1 Chronicles 4:9-10Pastor Albert Runge
May 3, 2008Abraham's Test Of FaithGenesis 22Pastor Albert Runge
Apr 19, 2008The Good LifePsalms 34:11-22Richard Carruthers
Apr 12, 2008Magnify The Lord Who Is Good & Rescues From FearPsalms 34:1-10Richard Carruthers
Apr 5, 2008Royal ValuesProverbs 16:12-15Elie Nessim
Mar 29, 2008The Ideal KingProverbs 16:10-11Elie Nessim
Mar 22, 2008Righteous WaysProverbs 16:7-9Elie Nessim
Mar 15, 2008Our Sovereign CreatorProverbs 16:4-6Elie Nessim
Mar 8, 2008Heart-PreparednessProverbs 16:1-3Elie Nessim
Mar 1, 2008The Obstacle RemovedProverbs 15:32-33Elie Nessim
Feb 23, 2008Acceptable PrayerProverbs 15:29-31Elie Nessim
Feb 16, 2008False GiftsProverbs 15:27-28Elie Nessim
Feb 9, 2008House And BorderProverbs 15:25-26Elie Nessim
Feb 2, 2008Cheering CounselProverbs 15:23-24Elie Nessim
Jan 26, 2008The Fifth CommandmentProverbs 15:20-22Elie Nessim
Jan 19, 2008Wrath And SlothProverbs :15:18-19Elie Nessim
Jan 12, 2008Better ThingsProverbs 15:15-17Elie Nessim
Jan 5, 2008Fruitless ScorningProverbs 15:12-15Elie Nessim
Dec 29 2007Wicked WaysProverbs 15:9-11Elie Nessim
Dec 22, 2007Wise LipsProverbs 15:7-8Elie Nessim
Dec 15 2007The Wholesome TongueProverbs 15:4-6Elie Nessim
Dec 8 2007The Soft AnswerProverbs 15:1-3Elie Nessim
Nov 28 2007Wisdom's HomeProverbs 14:33-35Elie Nessim
Nov 11 2007Good And Bad HeartsProverbs 14:30-32Elie Nessim
Nov 10 2007My Foot Nearly SlippedPsalms 73:1-28Graham Fletcher
Nov 3 2007Godly KingsProverbs 14:28-29Elie Nessim
Oct 27 2007Liberating TruthProverbs 14:25-27Elie Nessim
Oct 20 2007Good And Bad DevicesProverbs 14:22-25Elie Nessim
Oct 13 2007Care For The NeedyProverbs 14:20-21Elie Nessim
Oct 6 2007A Rash SpiritProverbs 14:17-19Elie Nessim
Sep 29 2007Feast Of TabernaclesLeviticus 23:33-44Elie Nessim
Sep 22 2007Day Of AtonementLeviticus 16Elie Nessim
Sep 15 2007Feast Of TrumpetsLeviticus 23:23-25Elie Nessim
Sep 8 2007False ImpressionsProverbs 14:15-16Elie Nessim
Sep 1 2007False ValuesProverbs 14:11-14Elie Nessim
Aug 25 2007Transgression DefinedProverbs 14:9-10Elie Nessim
Aug 18 2007The Key Of KnowledgeProverbs 14:6-8Elie Nessim
Jul 21 2007A Lesson From NatureProverbs 14:3-5Elie Nessim
Jul 14 2007True And FalseProverbs 13:25-14:2Elie Nessim
Jul 7 2007The Godly WalkProverbs 13:20-24Elie Nessim
Jun 30 2007The Faithful AmbassadorProverbs 13:17-19Elie Nessim
Jun 23 2007Wisdom And PrudenceProverbs 13:14-16Elie Nessim
Jun 16 2007Legitimate BlessingsProverbs 13:11-13Elie Nessim
Jun 9 2007Salvation By RansomProverbs 13:8-10Elie Nessim
Jun 2 2007Truth And RighteousnessProverbs 13:5-7Elie Nessim
May 26 2007The Scorner's PerilProverbs 13:1-4Elie Nessim
May 19 2007The Two WaysProverbs 12:26-28Elie Nessim
May 12 2007A Time To SpeakProverbs 12:23-25Elie Nessim
May 5 2007Living The TruthProverbs 12:19-22Elie Nessim
Apr 28 2007The Prudent ManProverbs 12:15-18Elie Nessim
Apr 21 2007The Industrious ManProverbs 12:11-14Elie Nessim
Apr 14 2007The Righteous ManProverbs 12:8-10Elie Nessim
Apr 7 2007True Virtue And Its FruitsProverbs 12:4-7Elie Nessim
Mar 24 2007True Knowledge And Its FruitsProverbs 12:1-3Elie Nessim
Mar 17 2007Thus It Is WrittenLuke 24:53Elie Nessim
Mar 10 2007Road To EmmausLuke 24:13-25Elie Nessim
Mar 3 2007He Is RisenLuke 24:1-27Elie Nessim
Feb 24 2007He Died And Was BuriedLuke 23:44-56Elie Nessim
Feb 17 2007The King Of The JewsLuke 23:26-46Elie Nessim
Feb 10 2007Find No Fault In HimLuke 23:1-25Elie Nessim
Jan 27 2007Jesus ArrestedLuke 22:47-71Elie Nessim
Jan 20 2007Who Is GreaterLuke 22:24-34Elie Nessim
Jan 6 2007He Took The Lowest PlaceLuke 22:7-27Elie Nessim
Dec 30 2006The Plot to Betray YeshuaLuke 22:1-13Elie Nessim
Dec 23 2006Your Redemption Draws NearLuke 21:25-21:38Elie Nessim
Dec 2 2006Bless The LORD, O My SoulPsalms 103Richard Carruthers
Nov 25 2006Charity And HumilityDeuteronomy Lionel Leslie
Nov 18 2006A Poor Widow And A WarningLuke 20:45-21:24Elie Nessim
Nov 11 2006Son Of GodLuke 20:27-20:44Elie Nessim
Nov 4 2006The Parable Of The VinedressersLuke 20:9-20:26Elie Nessim
Oct 28 2006The Leaders Sought To Destroy HimLuke 19:45-20:15Elie Nessim
Oct 21 2006Messiah's Triumphal EntryLuke 19:28-19:44Elie Nessim
Oct 14 2006A Contrast Of ExpectationsLuke 18:31-19:27Elie Nessim
Oct 7 2006Child-like Before The LordLuke 18:15-18:34Elie Nessim
Sep 30 2006He Revives The Spirit Of The HumbleLuke 18:1-18:14Elie Nessim
Sep 23 2006When The Son Of Man Is RevealedLuke 17:22-17:37Elie Nessim
Sep 16 2006As The Days Of NoahLuke 17:11-17:27Elie Nessim
Sep 9 2006Increase Our FaithLuke 17:1-17:10Elie Nessim
Sep 8 2006Site Updated... Please Listen To The Latest Messages BelowLuke Elie Nessim
Sep 2 2006Hear Moses And The ProphetsLuke 16:10-16:31Elie Nessim
Aug 26 2006Friends By Unrighteous MammonLuke 16:1-16:10Elie Nessim
Aug 19 2006Follow The Call Of The LordMark 8:34Pastor Albert Runge
Aug 12 2006Who Is And Was And Is To ComeRevelation 1:1Richard Carruthers
Aug 5 2006El GaborIsaiah 9Pastor Albert Runge
Jul 29 2006He That Is Faithful In That Which Is Least Is Faithful Also In MuchLuke 15:7-16:13Elie Nessim
Jul 22 2006This My Son Is Alive AgainLuke 14:25-15:24Elie Nessim
Jul 15 2006Count The CostLuke 14:7-14:33Elie Nessim
Jul 8 2006Last Will Be First; First Will Be LastLuke 13:31-14:93Elie Nessim
Jul 1 2006Strive To Enter Through The Narrow GateLuke 13:18-13:30Elie Nessim
Jun 24 2006Make Every Effort; Loose From Bondage Those In NeedLuke 12:51-13:17Elie Nessim
Jun 17 2006Blessed Are The Servants Who Do ThusLuke 12:35-12:53Elie Nessim
Jun 10 2006Seek The KingdomLuke 12:13-12:34Elie Nessim
Jun 3 2006Beware The Leaven Of HypocrisyLuke 11:53-12:12Elie Nessim
May 27 2006Justice, Mercy And FaithLuke 11:37-11:54Elie Nessim
May 20 2006Indeed A Greater Than Solomon Is HereLuke 11:23-11:36Elie Nessim
May 13 2006Lord, Teach Us To PrayLuke 11:1-11:23Elie Nessim
May 6 2006Personal Fellowship With GodLuke 10:38-11:4Elie Nessim
Apr 29 2006And Who Is My Neighbour?Luke 10:21-10:37Elie Nessim
Apr 22 2006Living Responsibly As Members Of The Body Of MessiahDeuteronomy 12:8Daniel Nessim
Apr 15 2006Would-be Followers And The Cost Of DiscipleshipLuke 9:57-10:20Elie Nessim
Apr 8 2006He Steadfastly Set His Face To JerusalemLuke 9:46-9:60Elie Nessim
Apr 1 2006The Voice Of Messiah Throughout The ScripturesLuke 9:28-9:50Elie Nessim
Mar 25 2006Denial Of Self To The Glory Of GodLuke 9:18-9:31Elie Nessim
Mar 18 2006The Messiah Of GodLuke 9:1-9:20Elie Nessim
Mar 11 2006At The Feet Of YeshuaLuke 8:26-9:2Elie Nessim
Mar 4 2006Prepared SoilLuke 8:11-8:25Elie Nessim
Feb 25 2006The Parable Is This: The Seed Is The Word Of GodLuke 8:1-8:21Elie Nessim
Feb 18 2006Go Into PeaceLuke 7:28-7:50Elie Nessim
Feb 11 2006The Coming OneLuke 7:18-7:30Elie Nessim
Feb 4 2006Yeshua In Divine CompassionLuke 7:1-17Elie Nessim
Jan 28 2006Can New Wine Be Kept In Old Wineskins?Matthew 1Alan Shore
Jan 21 2006Lest You Be JudgedLuke 6:37-6:49Elie Nessim
Jan 14 2006Bless Those Who Curse YouLuke 6:27-36Elie Nessim
Jan 7 2006Lord Of The SabbathLuke 6:6-6:26Elie Nessim
Dec 31 2005Old And NewLuke 5:31-6:5Elie Nessim
Dec 24 2005All Things By PrayerLuke 5:17-5:32Elie Nessim
Dec 17 2005Come Empty As You AreLuke 4:38-5:16Elie Nessim
Dec 10 2005The Pride Of LifeLuke 4:9-37Elie Nessim
Dec 3 2005Yeshua Rebukes SatanLuke 4:1-8Elie Nessim
Nov 26 2005The Physical Line Of Messiah; Messiah TemptedLuke 3:10-4:4Elie Nessim
Nov 19 2005And Yeshua Increased In Wisdom And StatureLuke 2:36-3:14Elie Nessim
Nov 12 2005Behold, This Child Is Destined For The Fall And Rising Of Many In IsraelLuke 2:21-35Elie Nessim
Nov 5 2005The Humble King Glorified By Lowly MenLuke 2:1-20Elie Nessim
Oct 29 2005The Dayspring From On High Has Visited UsLuke 1:67-80Elie Nessim
Oct 22 2005His Mercy Is On Those Who Fear HimLuke 1:34-66Elie Nessim
Oct 15 2005Glad TidingsLuke 1:11-33Elie Nessim
Oct 8 2005An Ordered And Certain AccountLuke 1:1-17Elie Nessim
Oct 1 2005The MillenniumIsaiah 66:1-24Elie Nessim
Sep 24 2005Be Glad And Rejoice For EverIsaiah 65:17-25Elie Nessim
Sep 17 2005His Merciful Reply; Fate Of The Unrepentant Isaiah 65:8-16Elie Nessim
Sep 10 2005The Israel Within IsraelIsaiah 64:1-65:8Elie Nessim
Sep 3 2005Prayer Of PenitenceIsaiah 63:15-64:1-4Elie Nessim
Aug 27 2005The Avenging MessiahIsaiah 63:1-14Elie Nessim
Aug 20 2005Your Salvation Is Coming; Behold His Reward Is With HimIsaiah 62:1-12Elie Nessim
Aug 6 2005Glory To Glory2 Corinthians 3Lionel Leslie
Jul 30 2005Parables Of YeshuaMatthew 13Graham Fletcher
Jul 23 2005Spiritual Exaltation Of IsraelIsaiah 61:7-62:7Elie Nessim
Jul 16 2005The Mandate Of The MessiahIsaiah 61:1-6Elie Nessim
Jul 9 2005Zion Rebuilt, GlorifiedIsaiah 60:8-61:1Elie Nessim
Jul 2 2005Zion's LightIsaiah 60:1-7Elie Nessim
Jun 25 2005God's Silence; Sin's Consequences; God's InitiativeIsaiah 59:1-21Elie Nessim
Jun 18 2005God's Chosen FastIsaiah 58:3-14Elie Nessim
Jun 11 2005Hypocrisy UnmaskedIsaiah 58:1-4Elie Nessim
Jun 4 2005Promises To The GodlyIsaiah 57:1-21Elie Nessim
May 28 2005Warnings To The UngodlyIsaiah 56:9-12Elie Nessim
May 21 2005Promises To The GodlyIsaiah 56:1-8Elie Nessim
May 14 2005The Blessings Of The InvitedIsaiah 55:6-13Elie Nessim
May 7 2005The Gospel BanquetIsaiah 55:1-5Elie Nessim
Apr 30 2005The Beauty Of RighteousnessIsaiah 54:11-17Elie Nessim
Apr 23 2005Barrenness EndedIsaiah 54:1-10Elie Nessim
Apr 16 2005Zion's JoyIsaiah 54:1-10Elie Nessim
Apr 9 2005His Vindication And His GloryIsaiah 53:10-12Elie Nessim
Apr 2 2005The Servant's Condemnation And DeathIsaiah 53:7-9Elie Nessim
Mar 5 2005The Servant's HumiliationIsaiah 53:4-6Elie Nessim
Mar 12 2005The Sin-Bearing ServantIsaiah 52:13 - 53:3Elie Nessim
Mar 5 2005The Bringer of RedemptionIsaiah 52:7-12Elie Nessim
Feb 25 2005God Will Restore JerusalemIsaiah 52:1-6Elie Nessim
Feb 18 2005Awake, Awake!Isaiah 51:9-23Elie Nessim
Jan 22 2005The Saviour Of The World: Part IIIsaiah 49:5-26Elie Nessim
Jan 15 2005The Saviour Of The World: Part IIsaiah 49:1-4Elie Nessim
Jan 8 2005Israel Refined For God's GloryIsaiah 47:7-48:22Elie Nessim
Jan 1 2005The Overthrow Of BabylonIsaiah 46:1-47:7Elie Nessim
Dec 18 2004"I Am Adonai, There Is No Other"Isaiah 45:1-25Elie Nessim
Dec 11 2004Folly Of And Redempton From IdolsIsaiah 44:9-28Elie Nessim
Dec 4 2004Redemption Of IsraelIsaiah 44:1-8Elie Nessim
Nov 27 2004HaggaiHaggai 2Daniel Nessim
Nov 20 2004Unity In The Local Body Of MessiahGenesis 32:4-9Graham Fletcher
Nov 6 2004Haggai's VisionHaggai 1:1-17Daniel Nessim
Oct 30 2004God Will ProvideIsaiah 43:14-28Elie Nessim
Oct 23 2004He Shares Our PainIsaiah 43:1-14Elie Nessim
Oct 16 2004He Turns Our Darkness Into LightIsaiah 42:14-25Elie Nessim
Oct 9 2004A Light To The NationsIsaiah 42:5-20Elie Nessim
Oct 2 2004The Pierced ServantIsaiah 42:1-4Elie Nessim
Sep 25 2004Yom KippurExodus 34:5-7Elie Nessim
Sep 18 2004Idols And IdolatersIsaiah 41:21-42:4Elie Nessim
Sep 11 2004Israel's PromiseIsaiah 41:8-20Elie Nessim
Sep 4 2004Calling The NationsIsaiah 41:1-7Elie Nessim
Aug 28 2004Adonai Has No EqualIsaiah 40:18-31Elie Nessim
Aug 21 2004Prepare The Way Of The LORDIsaiah 40:1-17Elie Nessim
Aug 7 2004A Prophet Like Moses For IsraelDeuteronomy 18:15-20Daniel Nessim
Jul 31 2004Faith, Hope And Love1 Corinthians 13:13Graham Fletcher
Jul 24 2004Clear A Road Through The Desert For Adonai!Isaiah 40:1-8Elie Nessim
Jul 17 2004The Prayer Of HizkiyahuIsaiah 38:1-39:8Elie Nessim
Jul 10 2004The Prayer Of King HizkiyahIsaiah 37:8-38Elie Nessim
Jul 3 2004The Siege Of JerusalemIsaiah 36:1-37:7Elie Nessim
Jun 26 2004Final Judgement And RedemptionIsaiah 34:1-35:10Elie Nessim
Jun 19 2004Deliverance And RestorationIsaiah 33:1-24Elie Nessim
Jun 12 2004The Fruitful FieldIsaiah 32:1-20Elie Nessim
Jun 5 2004Return To HimIsaiah 30:27-32:2Elie Nessim
May 29 2004ShavuotLeviticus 23:9-22Elie Nessim
May 22 2004Trust AdonaiIsaiah 30:18-33Elie Nessim
May 15 2004Submit To His JudgementIsaiah 30:8-19Elie Nessim
May 8 2004His Grace Will AboundIsaiah 29:15-30:7Elie Nessim
May 1 2004Lion Of GodIsaiah 29:1-15Elie Nessim
Apr 24 2004The Firm Foundation-stoneIsaiah 28:16-29Elie Nessim
Apr 17 2004The Foundation Of JudahIsaiah 28:9-13Elie Nessim
Apr 3 2004Unrighteousness Of IsraelAmos 3:1-8Baruch Maoz
Mar 27 2004The Stone Of IsraelIsaiah 27:12-28:8Elie Nessim
Mar 20 2004Israel's HopeIsaiah 26:20-27:7Elie Nessim
Mar 13 2004Israel's Confession And ConsolationIsaiah 26:12-21Elie Nessim
Mar 6 2004Walking In RighteousnessIsaiah 26:1-11Elie Nessim
Feb 28 2004Rock Of AgesIsaiah 25:10-26:4Elie Nessim
Feb 21 2004The Great VictoryIsaiah 25:1-9Elie Nessim
Feb 14 2004End TimesIsaiah 24Elie Nessim
Feb 7 2004Judgement Of TyreIsaiah 22:15-23:18Elie Nessim
Jan 31 2004Judgements: Arabia And JerusalemIsaiah 21:6-22:14Elie Nessim
Jan 24 2004Judgements For Egypt And BabylonIsaiah 20; 21:1-10Elie Nessim
Jan 17 2004Judgement And Mercy For EgyptIsaiah 19Elie Nessim
Jan 10 2004The Judgement Of SyriaIsaiah 17-18Elie Nessim
Jan 3 2004Judgement Of MoabIsaiah 15-16Elie Nessim
Dec 27 2003The Shining One: Son Of The MorningIsaiah 14:12-15Elie Nessim
Dec 20 2003The Anointed CherubIsaiah 14:12-15Elie Nessim
Dec 13 2003Babylon's JudgementIsaiah 13:1-22Elie Nessim
Dec 6 2003Adonai Is Our SalvationIsaiah 12:1-6Elie Nessim
Nov 29 2003Reign Of Messiah - Root Of JessieIsaiah 11:6-16Elie Nessim
Nov 22 2003The BranchIsaiah 11:1-5Elie Nessim
Nov 15 2003The Remnant Of Ya'acovIsaiah 10:20-34Elie Nessim
Nov 8 2003The Law Perverted: Assyria's Proud BoastIsaiah 10:1-19Elie Nessim
Nov 1 2003Israel's Sinful DefianceIsaiah 9:8-17Elie Nessim
Oct 25 2003The Divine DelivererIsaiah 9:6-7Elie Nessim
Oct 18 2003A Son Is GivenIsaiah 9:2-7Elie Nessim
Oct 11 2003Trust In AdonaiIsaiah 8:19-9:2Elie Nessim
Oct 4 2003AllegianceIsaiah 8:9-18Elie Nessim
Sep 27 2003Allegiance And TrustIsaiah 8:1-10Elie Nessim
Sep 20 2003A Sign From AboveIsaiah 7:10-25Elie Nessim
Sep 13 2003EmanuelIsaiah 7:1-9Elie Nessim
Sep 6 2003Cloud Of GloryIsaiah 6:1-13Elie Nessim
Aug 30 2003Repentance And FaithIsaiah 6:1-8Elie Nessim
Aug 23 2003The RemnantGenesis 6:1-12Daniel Nessim
Jul 26 2003The Barren VineyardIsaiah 5:1-7Elie Nessim
Jul 19 2003A Portrait Of The MessiahIsaiah 4:2-6Elie Nessim
Jul 12 2003The Branch Of The LordIsaiah 4:2-3Elie Nessim
Jul 5 2003In That Day......Isaiah 4:1-3Elie Nessim
Jun 28 2003JudgementIsaiah 3Elie Nessim
Jun 21 2003The Messianic KingdomIsaiah 2:1-5Elie Nessim
Jun 14 2003The Evangelical ProphetIsaiah 1:1-4Elie Nessim
Jun 7 2003ShavuotExodus 19:1-17Elie Nessim
May 31 2003Final GreetingsColossians 4:7-18Elie Nessim
May 24 2003PortraitsColossians 4:7-11Elie Nessim
May 10 2003PrayerColossians 4:2-6Elie Nessim
May 3 2003Continue Earnestly In PrayerColossians 4:2-6Elie Nessim
Apr 26 2003Masters And ServentsColossians 4:1-6Elie Nessim
Apr 12 2003Bondservents: EmployeesColossians 3:22-25Elie Nessim
Apr 5 2003Children And FathersColossians 3:18-25Elie Nessim
Mar 29 2003Childern, ObeyColossians 3:18-25Elie Nessim
Mar 15 2003Husbands, Love Your Wives Colossians 3:17-20Elie Nessim
Mar 8 2003Husbands, Love Your WivesColossians 3:19Elie Nessim
Mar 1 2003Husbands And WivesColossians 3:17-19Elie Nessim
Feb 22 2003Wives And HusbandsColossians 3:16-18Elie Nessim
Feb 15 2003Ingest The Word DailyColossians 3:12-16Elie Nessim
Feb 8 2003Put On The Robe Of RighteousnessColossians 3:12-17Elie Nessim
Feb 1 2003Humility: The Bond Of PerfectionColossians 3:12-13Elie Nessim
Jan 25 2003Renewed In RighteousnessColossians 3:9-11Elie Nessim
Jan 18 2003Put Off Sin: Put On RighteousnessColossians 3:9-11Elie Nessim
Jan 11 2003Be Not DeceitfulColossians 3:9-13Elie Nessim
Jan 4 2003Flee From Idolatry!Colossians 3:4-11Elie Nessim
Dec 28 2002Covetousness Is Idolatry;The Perversion Of All That Is GoodColossians 3:1-5Elie Nessim
Dec 21 2002The Second Coming Of MessiahColossians 3:1-4Elie Nessim
Dec 14 2002Set Your Mind On Things AboveColossians 3:1-4Elie Nessim
Dec 7 2002Reborn In MessiahColossians 3:1-4Elie Nessim
Nov 30 2002Seek Those Things Which Are From AboveColossians 3:1-2Elie Nessim
Nov 23 2002Self Imposed ReligionColossians 2:20-23Elie Nessim
Nov 16 2002Beware Of False Spiritual StandardsColossians 2:20-23Elie Nessim
Oct 26 2002Beware Of False Prophets Colossians 2:18-23Elie Nessim
Oct 19 2002Let No Man Judge YouColossians 2:13-19Elie Nessim
Oct 12 2002We Are Covered By The Righteousness Of MessiahColossians 2:13-17Elie Nessim
Oct 5 2002You Must Be Born AgainColossians 2:10-15Elie Nessim
Sep 28 2002In Messiah Is Our SalvationColossians 2:10-17Elie Nessim
Sep 21 2002In Him Dwels All The Fullness Of The G-dhead BodilyColossians 2:8-12Elie Nessim
Sep 14 2002Walk In HimColossians 2:6-10Elie Nessim
Sep 7 2002Rosh Hashanah, The Head Of The Year; The Feast Of TrumpetsLeviticus 23:23-25Elie Nessim
Aug 31 2002Walk With Him, Stand On Guard For Each Other And Go In The Strength Of HaShemColossians 2:1-10Elie Nessim
Aug 24 2002Be Not Deceived With Persuasive WordsColossians 2:1-5Elie Nessim
Aug 17 2002The Mystery Of MessiahColossians 2:1-5Elie Nessim
Aug 10 2002The Full Assurance Of UnderstandingColossians 2:1-5Elie Nessim
Aug 3 2002The Struggle And The RewardColossians 2:1-3Elie Nessim
Jul 27 2002Everyone Who Thirsts, Come To The Waters And DrinkColossians 1:25-29Elie Nessim
Jul 20 2002This Glorious MysteryColossians 1:24-28Elie Nessim
Jul 13 2002The Mystery Among The Gentiles: Messiah In YouColossians 1:21-27Elie Nessim
Jul 6 2002If We Continue In The FaithColossians 1:19-23Elie Nessim
Jun 29 2002He Has Now Reconciled Us Through His SonColossians 1:19-23Elie Nessim
Jun 22 2002No Other Name Under HeavenColossians 1:19-23Elie Nessim
Jun 15 2002The Preeminent Messiah Of IsraelColossians 1:13-19Elie Nessim
Jun 8 2002The Son Of His LoveColossians 1:13-16Elie Nessim
May 25 2002The Firstborn Over All CreationColossians 1:13-18Elie Nessim
May 18 2002Shavuot - The Feast Of WeeksLeviticus 23:15-22Elie Nessim
May 11 2002Redemption In His BloodColossians 1:9-14Elie Nessim
May 10 2002The Prophets Words Was Sufficient2 Kings 1:5-10Elie Nessim
May 4 2002Knowing G-d's WillColossians 1:1-12Elie Nessim
Apr 27 2002Ahab's Treaty With Ben-Hadad1 Kings 20:31-21:16Elie Nessim
Apr 13 2002The Pharisee And The Tax CollectorLuke 18:9-14Mark Walker
Mar 30 2002Fruitful In Every Good WorkColossians 1:10-12Elie Nessim
Mar 23 2002The Right Use Of KnowledgeColossians 1:9-10Elie Nessim
Mar 2 2002Bring Forth The Fruit Of The SpiritColossians 1:3-8Elie Nessim
Feb 23 2002Hear, Believe And Bring Forth FruitColossians 1:3-6Elie Nessim
Feb 16 2002The hope of SalvationColossians 1:3-6Elie Nessim
Feb 9 2002Faith, Love and HopeColossians 1:4-5Elie Nessim
Feb 2 2002God The Father - God The SonColossians 1:3-4Elie Nessim
Jan 26 2002Grace And PeaceColossians 1:2bElie Nessim
Jan 19 2002Set Apart For GodColossians 1:2aElie Nessim
Jan 12 2002Greetings To The Saints In ColosseColossians 1:1Elie Nessim
Jan 5 2002The Accomplishment Of God's Judgment2 Kings 25:1-3Elie Nessim
Dec 29 2001Jehoiakin A Wicked Young Man2 Kings 24:8-25:2Elie Nessim
Dec 1 2001God's Portrait Gallery2 Kings 22:18-23:9Elie Nessim
Nov 24 2001Leading Up To The Coming Disaster2 Kings 21:19-22:20Elie Nessim
Nov 17 2001A Portrait Of Manasseh King Of Judah2 Kings 21:1-18Elie Nessim
Nov 10 2001The Treasures Of King Hezekiah2 Kings 20:12-21Elie Nessim
Oct 27 2001The Purpose 0f History In The Sacred Scriptures2 Kings 20:1-11Elie Nessim
Oct 20 2001God's Gracious Response2 Kings 19:20-37Elie Nessim
Oct 13 2001Fear Is Our Great Enemy2 Kings 19:6-19Elie Nessim
Sep 22 2001Be Sober Be Vigilant2 Kings 18:13-16Elie Nessim
Sep 15 2001The Evidence Of True Faith2 Kings 18:5-12Elie Nessim
Sep 8 2001An Indictment Of Israel2 Kings 17:23-18:4Elie Nessim
Sep 1 2001A Very Wonderful Turning Point2 Kings 17:1-22Elie Nessim
Aug 25 2001God Is Our Refuge And Our Strength2 Kings 16:12-20Elie Nessim
Aug 18 2001The High Places Were Not Removed2 Kings 15:32-16:11Elie Nessim
Aug 11 2001A Hybrid Form Of Religion2 Kings 15:17-31Elie Nessim
Aug 4 2001Good King Azariah Of Judah2 Kings 15:1-22Elie Nessim
Jul 28 2001How God Responds To Us2 Kings 14:1-29Elie Nessim
Jul 7 2001If You Love God Give Him Your Heart2 Kings 13:14-14:6Elie Nessim
Jun 30 2001The History Of Joash2 Kings 12:11-13:13Elie Nessim
Jun 23 2001They Cried Out2 Kings 11:13-12:10Elie Nessim
Jun 9 2001Jehu God's Avenger, And What Followed2 Kings 10:32-11:12Elie Nessim
Jun 2 2001The Lessons Of Life2 Kings 10:1-31Elie Nessim
May 26 2001The Called Him A Madman2 Kings 9:11-27Elie Nessim
May 19 2001The Kingdon Of Judah2 Kings 8:16-9:10Elie Nessim
May 12 2001Judgement Now Ripening2 Kings 8:1-15Elie Nessim
May 10 2001Elijah The Tishbite, A Hairy Man2 Kings 1:5-10Elie Nessim
May 5 2001Through Prophesy, History And Example2 Kings 7:1-2Elie Nessim
Apr 28 2001Incidence In The Life Of Elisha2 Kings 6:15-7:2Elie Nessim
Apr 21 2001The Principle Of Leadership2 Kings 6:1-14Elie Nessim
Apr 14 2001The Lessons Of Life2 Kings 5:15-27Elie Nessim
Apr 7 2001God Performs Miracles Through Elisha2 Kings 4:38-5:14Elie Nessim
Mar 31 2001Different People Different Needs2 Kings 4:8-37Elie Nessim
Mar 24 2001God's Supernatural Provision2 Kings 3:21-4:7Elie Nessim
Mar 17 2001God Gave Us History2 Kings 3:4-20Elie Nessim
Mar 10 2001The Sons Of The Prophet's Bizarre Request2 Kings 2:16-3:3Elie Nessim
Mar 3 2001What To Expect From God?2 Kings 2:10-16Elie Nessim
Feb 24 2001What Occurred At Bethel The House Of God2 Kings 2:3-9Elie Nessim
Feb 17 2001Elijah Denounced The King Of Israel2 Kings 1:11-2:2Elie Nessim
Feb 3 2001God Judges Ahaziah2 Kings 1:4Elie Nessim
Jan 27 2001Parents And ChildrenProverbs 22:6Elie Nessim
Jan 6 2001Confession Promotes HealingJames 5:16-20Elie Nessim
Dec 30 2000The Divine Remedy In Sufferings And The True AntidoteJames 5:13-15Elie Nessim
Dec 23 2000Patience Is A Handmaid To FaithJames 5:9-12Elie Nessim
Dec 2 2000A Call For PatienceJames 5:6-8Elie Nessim
Nov 25 2000The Ones Who Claim To Believe In MessiahJames 5:1-8Elie Nessim
Nov 17 2000Sitting In JudgementJames 4:11-17Elie Nessim
Oct 28 2000Still Waters Run DeepJames 4:5-10Elie Nessim
Oct 21 2000The Fruit Of Saving RighteousnessJames 4:1-4Elie Nessim
Oct 14 2000God Rewards According To Our Works-not For Our WorksJames 3:13-18Elie Nessim
Oct 7 2000Lives Have Been Ruined By Self-appointed ProphetsJames 3:6-16Elie Nessim
Sep 30 2000The Principles Of The Law To Every Believer In MessiahJames 2:25-3:5Elie Nessim
Sep 23 2000Faith Must Be Accompanied By EvidenceJames 2:21-24Elie Nessim
Sep 9 2000The Law In The Life Of The BelieverJames 2; 10-14Elie Nessim
Sep 2 2000The Warning Against False PartialityJames 2:6-9Elie Nessim
Aug 26 2000Messiah The Guarantor Of The Law Of LibertyJames 1:25-2:5Elie Nessim
Aug 19 2000Trials And TemptationsJames 1:25-27Elie Nessim
Aug 5 2000Wait For God To SpeakJames 1:21-24Elie Nessim
Jul 29 2000Lust Leads To SinJames 1:18-20Elie Nessim
Jul 22 2000God's Verdict On ManJames 1:13-17Elie Nessim
Jul 15 2000Wisdom To Understand Our TrialsJames 1:8-15Elie Nessim
Jul 8 2000Nevertheless AfterwardsJames 1:4-7Elie Nessim
Jul 1 2000Practical Admonitions And TeachingsJames 1:3Elie Nessim
Jun 24 2000Freely You Have Received, Freely GiveProverbs 11:24-31Elie Nessim
Jun 17 2000God's People Should Be HolyProverbs 11:19-23Elie Nessim
Jun 10 2000What Is A Gracious Woman?Proverbs 11:16-18Elie Nessim
Jun 3 2000First Apearances Can Be Very DeceptiveProverbs 11:13-15Elie Nessim
May 27 2000False And True BalancesProverbs 11:10-12Elie Nessim
May 13 2000True Measure False MeasureProverbs 11:5-9Elie Nessim
May 6 2000The Single EyeProverbs 11:3-5Elie Nessim
Apr 29 2000Scales Of DeceitProverbs 11:1-3Elie Nessim
Apr 22 2000The Mouth Of The Wise Brings Forth WisdomProverbs 10:31-11:1Elie Nessim
Apr 15 2000Precepts For HolinessProverbs 10:27:31Elie Nessim
Apr 8 2000The Righteous Is An Everlasting FoundationProverbs 10:25-26Elie Nessim
Apr 1 2000The Blessing Of The LordProverbs 10:22-24Elie Nessim
Mar 25 2000Whoever Spreads Slander Is A FoolProverbs 10:17-21Elie Nessim
Mar 18 2000Comparison And ContrastProverbs 10:15-17Elie Nessim
Mar 4 2000Love Covers All SinsProverbs 10:10-14Elie Nessim
Feb 26 2000Wisdom And IntegrityProverbs 10:8-9Elie Nessim
Feb 19 2000Blessings Are On The Head Of The RighteousProverbs 10:3-7Elie Nessim
Feb 12 2000Treasures Of Wickedness Profit NothingProverbs 10:1-2Elie Nessim
Feb 9 2000You Shall Surely Not DieGen 3:4Elie Nessim
Feb 5 2000All Those Who Hate Me Love DeathProverbs 8:22-9:18Elie Nessim
Jan 29 2000Wisdom's Call And BlessingsProverbs 8:1-26Elie Nessim
Jan 22 2000Holiness Is True WisdomProverbs 7:1:27Elie Nessim
Jan 15 2000Avoid Adultery, It Will Destroy Your Own SoulProverbs 6:20-35Elie Nessim
Jan 8 2000The Lazy And The WickedProverbs 6:9-19Elie Nessim
Jan 1 2000The Ways Of Man Are Before The Eyes Of The LordProverbs 5:15-6:8Elie Nessim
Dec 25 1999The Peril Of AdulteryProverbs 4:25-5:14Elie Nessim
Dec 18 1999The Path Of The Just Is Like The Shining SunProverbs 4:14-24Elie Nessim
Dec 11 1999Security In WisdomProverbs 4:1-13Elie Nessim
Dec 4 1999Keep Sound Wisdom And DiscretionProverbs 3:21-35Elie Nessim
Nov 27 1999Guidance For The YoungProverbs 3:2-20Elie Nessim
Nov 20 1999For The Upright Will Dwell In The LandProverbs 2:10-3:1Elie Nessim
Mar 16 2002The Value Of WisdomProverbs 2:1-9Elie Nessim
Oct 2 1999Did Not Choose The Fear Of The LordProverbs 1:24-2:1Elie Nessim
Sep 25 1999The Beginning Of KnowledgeProverbs 1:1-23Elie Nessim
Aug 7 1999Our Supreme Authority Is Not Man But GodPhilippians 3:17-21Elie Nessim
Jul 31 1999The Art Of ForgettingPhilippians 3:14-17Elie Nessim
Jul 24 1999Depend Not On Things But GodPhilippians 3:8-13Elie Nessim
Jul 17 1999Between True And False JudaismPhilippians 3:5-7Elie Nessim
May 3 1999Rejoice in the LORDPhilippians 3:1Elie Nessim
Jun 5 1999Suffering With MessiahPhilippians 2:1-6Elie Nessim
May 29 1999My Useful Service Is Inseparable From SufferingPhilippians 1:22-30Elie Nessim
May 23 1999Moses And YeshuaHebrews 3:1-3Elie Nessim
May 22 1999Moses And YeshuaHebrews 3:1-3Elie Nessim
May 15 1999The Word Of God Is Not BoundPhilippians 1:12-18Elie Nessim
May 8 1999God Knows EverythingPhilippians 1:8-13Elie Nessim
May 1 1999Unity In Yeshua The MessiahPhilippians 1:1-8Elie Nessim
Apr 17 1999The Doom Of Ahab1 Kings 22:11-17Elie Nessim
Mar 20 1999The Contest With The Prophets Of Baal1 Kings 18:1-11Elie Nessim
Mar 6 1999The Appearance Of Elijah The Prophet1 Kings 17:8-18:2Elie Nessim
Mar 5 1999Moses And YeshuaHebrews 3:1-3Elie Nessim
Feb 27 1999Lessons Of Life1 Kings 15:25-17:7Elie Nessim
Feb 20 1999Learn Of The Pitfalls That Await Believers1 Kings 15:1-8Elie Nessim
Feb 13 1999Judgment On The House Of Jeroboam1 Kings 14:1-5Elie Nessim
Feb 6 1999A Tragic Episode1 Kings 13:1-6Elie Nessim
Jan 30 1999The Kingdom Divided1 Kings 12:1-7Elie Nessim
Jan 23 1999Solomon's Fall1 Kings 11:1-8Elie Nessim
Jan 16 1999God's Solemn Warning To Solomon1 Kings 9:6-10:29Elie Nessim
Jan 9 1999Solomon Blesses And Dedicates1 Kings 8:55-9:5Elie Nessim
Jan 2 1999Solomon's Prayer Of Dedication1 Kings 8:22-24Elie Nessim
Dec 26 1998The Ark Brought Into The Temple1 Kings 8:1-21Elie Nessim
Dec 19 1998The Hall Of Judgement In The Temple1 Kings 7:1-5Elie Nessim
Dec 12 1998Solomon Buids The Temple For The Lord1 Kings 6:1-13Elie Nessim
Nov 21 1998The Wisdom Of Solomon's Request Of The Lord1 Kings 3:5-28Elie Nessim
Nov 14 1998How Solomon Dealt With The Threat To The Kingdom1 Kings 2:26-3:5Elie Nessim
Nov 7 1998The Death Of King David1 Kings 2:10-25Elie Nessim
Oct 31 1998David Proclaims Solomon King And Instructs Him1 kings 1:38-2:9Elie Nessim
Oct 24 1998In The Mouth Of 2 Or 3 Witnesses Shall Every Word Be Established1 Kings 1:16-37Elie Nessim
Oct 17 1998The Last Year Of King David's Life1 Kings 1:1-15Elie Nessim
Oct 3 1998Make Known The Mystery Of The GospelEphesians 6:18-24Elie Nessim
Sep 19 1998Prayer And Supplication In The SpiritEphesians 6:18Elie Nessim
Sep 12 1998The Helmet Of SalvationEphesians 6:17-18Elie Nessim
Sep 5 1998The Shield Of FaithEphesians 6:16Elie Nessim
Aug 29 1998The Shield Of FaithEphesians 6:15-16Elie Nessim
Aug 22 1998Put On The Breastplate Of RighteousnessEphesians 6:14-15Elie Nessim
Aug 15 1998Having Done All , To StandEphesians 6:12-14Elie Nessim
Aug 8 1998Call To ArmsEphesians 6:10-12Elie Nessim
Aug 1 1998Servants And MastersEphesians 6:5-10Elie Nessim
Jun 27 1998And You, Fathers, Do Not Provoke Your Children To WrathEphesians 6:4Elie Nessim
Jun 20 1998Obey Your Parents In The Lord, For This Is RightEphesians 6:1-4Elie Nessim
Jun 13 1998Husbands, Love Your WivesEphesians 5:25-33Elie Nessim
May 9 1998Wives Submit (Surrender) To Your Own Husbands, As To The LordEphesians 5:21-24Elie Nessim
May 2 1998Submitting To One Another In The Fear Of GodEphesians 5:16-20Elie Nessim
Apr 25 1998Walk In Light Walk In WisdomEphesians 5:13-15Elie Nessim
Apr 18 1998But Now You Are Light In The LordEphesians 5:8-12Elie Nessim
Apr 4 1998Let No One Deceive You With Empty WordsEphesians 5:1-7Elie Nessim
Mar 28 1998Be Kind To One Another--- And Walk In LoveEphesians 4:32-5:2Elie Nessim
Mar 21 1998Be Kind To One AnotherEphesians 4:30-32Elie Nessim
Feb 21 1998Unknown TitleEphesians 4:19-22Elie Nessim
Feb 14 1998Being Alienated From The Life Of GodEphesians 4:16-18Elie Nessim
Feb 7 1998But Speaking The Truth In LoveEphesians 4:13-15Elie Nessim
Jan 31 1998For The Edifying Of The Body Of MessiahEphesians 4:10-12Elie Nessim
Jan 17 1998But To Each One Of Us Grace Was GivenEphesians 4:5-10Elie Nessim
Jan 10 1998One God And Father Of AllEphesians 4:4-6Elie Nessim
Jan 3 1998According To The Power That Works In UsEphesians 4:2-4Elie Nessim
Dec 27 1997According To The Power That Works In UsEphesians 3:20-4:2Elie Nessim
Dec 20 1997To Know The Love Of MessiahEphesians 3:17-20Elie Nessim
Dec 13 1997Strengthened With MightEphesians 3:13-16Elie Nessim
Dec 6 1997The Manifold Wisdom Of GodEphesians 3:10-12Elie Nessim
Nov 29 1997Fellowship Of The MysteryEphesians 3:6-9Elie Nessim
Nov 22 1997The Mystery Of MessiahEphesians 3-1-6Elie Nessim
Nov 15 1997A Holy Temple In The LordEphesians 2:19-22Elie Nessim
Oct 11 1997And He came and preached peaceEphesians 2:17-18Elie Nessim
Oct 4 1997Has made both oneEphesians 2:14-16Elie Nessim
Sep 27 1997Aliens and strangersEphesians 2:11-13Elie Nessim
Sep 20 1997Grace Through FaithEphesians 2:8-10Elie Nessim
Sep 13 1997Heavenly Places In MessiahEphesians 2:5-7Elie Nessim
Sep 6 1997But God, who is rich in mercyEphesians 2:3-4Elie Nessim
Aug 30 1997He put all things under His feetEphesians 1:20-22Elie Nessim
Aug 12 1997The Lord's OmnipotenceJob 39Elie Nessim
Aug 11 1997Elihu Proclaims God's GoodnessJob 36Elie Nessim
Aug 10 1997Elihu Contradicts JobJob 33Elie Nessim
Aug 9 1997Job's Summary DefenseJob 29Elie Nessim
Aug 8 1997How Can Man Be Righteous?Job 25Elie Nessim
Aug 7 1997Eliphaz Accuses JobJob 22Elie Nessim
Aug 6 1997The Joy Of The Hypocrite Is But For A MomentJob 20Elie Nessim
Aug 5 1997Eliphaz Accuses Job Of FollyJob 15Elie Nessim
Aug 4 1997Job Answers His CriticsJob 12Elie Nessim
Aug 3 1997How Can A Man Be Righteous Before God?Job 8-10Elie Nessim
Aug 2 1997If You Would Earnestly Seek GodJob 4-7Elie Nessim
Aug 1 1997Blameless And UprightJob 1:5Elie Nessim
Jul 26 1997Spiritual WisdomEphesians 1:17-19Elie Nessim
Jul 19 1997Love for all the saintsEphesians 1:15-17Elie Nessim
Jul 12 1997In Him you also trustedEphesians 1:12-14Elie Nessim
Jul 5 1997Gather together in oneEphesians 1:10-12Elie Nessim
Jun 28 1997In Him We Have RedemptionEphesians 1:7-9Elie Nessim
Jun 21 1997He Has Made Us Accepted In The BelovedEphesians 1:5-6Elie Nessim
Jun 14 1997The Mystery RevealedEphesians 1:3-4Elie Nessim
Jun 7 1997Peace From God Our FatherEphesians 1:2-3Elie Nessim
May 31 1997GreetingsEphesians 1:1Elie Nessim
Aug 24 1996Not I But Messiah Yeshua2 Corinthians 12:11-21Elie Nessim
Aug 17 1996Blessedness Of The Truth2 Corinthians 12:7-10Elie Nessim
Aug 10 1996We Are Being Transformed2 Corinthians 11:26-12:6Elie Nessim
Aug 3 1996Take Comfort In Your Sufferings2 Corinthians 11:16-25Elie Nessim
Jul 6 1996Do Not Tolerate False Doctrine2 Corinthians 10:11-11:4Elie Nessim
Jun 1 1996Good Intent Wicked Intent2 Corinthians 8:8-27Elie Nessim
May 18 1996The Hidden Sins Of The Heart2 Corinthians 7:1-12Elie Nessim
May 4 1996Beware Of The Spirit Of Compromise2 Corinthians 6:11-7:1Elie Nessim
Apr 27 1996Trials And Graces2 Corinthians 6:6-10Elie Nessim
Apr 20 1996Workers Together With Yeshua2 Corinthians 6:1-5Elie Nessim
Apr 13 1996Dead To The Old Life2 Corinthians 5:17-21Elie Nessim
Mar 9 1996We Live For The Honour Of God2 Corinthians 4:3-16Elie Nessim
Feb 24 1996The Administration Of The Law Of God2 Corinthians 3:9-14Elie Nessim
Feb 17 1996Ministration Of The Spirit2 Corinthians 3:1-9Elie Nessim
Feb 10 1996God Will Forgive2 Corinthians 2:2-11Elie Nessim
Feb 3 1996In The Name Of Yeshua2 Corinthians 1:8-24Elie Nessim
Jul 15 1995A True Shepherd Will Care For His Sheep1 Peter 5Elie Nessim
Jun 24 1995Flee Sinfulness But Return To God1 Peter 4:1-8Elie Nessim
Jun 3 1995Yeshua Suffered In Our Behalf1 Peter 3:18-22Elie Nessim
May 20 1995How We Should Act As Believers1 Peter 3:8-12Elie Nessim
May 13 1995Seek To Honour God1 Peter 3:1-7Elie Nessim
Apr 1 1995How Can We Become Holy1 Peter 1:22-2:3Elie Nessim
Mar 18 1995The Newness Of Life Inexpressible1 Peter 1:10-16Elie Nessim
Mar 11 1995The God And Father Of Our Lord1 Peter 1:3-9Elie Nessim
Mar 4 1995Our Need Of Faith Obedience And Patience1 Peter 1:1-3Elie Nessim
Feb 2 1995King David A Man After God's Heart2 Samuel 23:1-7Elie Nessim
Feb 18 1995God Protects His People2 Samuel 22:1-4Elie Nessim
Feb 11 1995Israel Proves Loyal To King David2 Samuel 20:1-2Elie Nessim
Feb 4 1995Judah Reconsiders David2 Samuel 19:9-12Elie Nessim
Dec 17 1994Set A Good Example For Our Children2 Samuel 13:1-6Elie Nessim
Dec 10 1994David Repentant And Restored2 Samuel 12:1-6Elie Nessim
Nov 26 1994The Promise Of Messiah2 Samuel 7:1-7Elie Nessim
Oct 15 1994He Is RisenMatthew 28:1-10Elie Nessim
Aug 27 1994The End TimesMatthew 25:14-26:16Elie Nessim
Jun 4 1994Yeshua Predicts His Death And ResurrectionMatthew 16:21-17:13Elie Nessim
May 28 1994Yeshua's Love And Compassion EnactedMatthew 15:21-16:20Elie Nessim
Jan 22 1994Do Unto OthersMark 5:21-28Elie Nessim
Jan 21 1994True Faith In GodMatthew 5:21-26Elie Nessim
Dec 25 1993Wise Men From The EastMatthew 2:1-6Elie Nessim
Nov 6 1993David Flees King Saul1 Samuel 23:1-4Elie Nessim
Oct 30 1993The Covenant Between David And Jonathan1 Samuel 20:1-4Elie Nessim
Oct 9 1993Faith Hope Love God1 Samuel 17:1-19Elie Nessim
Sep 18 1993The Danger Of Presumption1 Samuel 14:1-10Elie Nessim
Sep 11 1993Blessings Through Trials1 Samuel 13:1-3Elie Nessim
Aug 28 1993The First King Of Israel1 Samuel 8:1-9Elie Nessim
Aug 7 1993Sin In The Camp1 Samuel 4:1-7Elie Nessim
May 22 1990The Two Offices Of Priesthood And RoyaltyZechariah 6:9-13Elie Nessim
May 21 1990A Time Of JudgmentZechariah 12-13-14Elie Nessim
May 20 1990The Day Of The LordZechariah 1:6Elie Nessim
May 19 1990Turn Our Fears Into Prayers LordHabakkuk -Zephaniah -Haggai Elie Nessim
May 18 1990God's Vision To AmosAmos 2:3-6Elie Nessim
May 17 1990The God Of All MenNahum 1:1-5Elie Nessim
May 16 1990The Destruction Of Edomand And Restoration Of JudahObadiah 1-4Elie Nessim
May 15 1990The Judgement Of God And His MercyJoel Elie Nessim
May 14 1990The Picture Between God And IsraelHosea 3Elie Nessim

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