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What We Believe

Questions and Answers

Session 1
view video What is the aim of Zion Messianic Fellowship?

Session 2
view video The function of Zion Messianic Fellowship

Session 3
view video Is Zion Messianic Fellowship affiliated with anyone?

The word ‘Messianic’ could you define what it means please?

Session 4
view video What are some reasons why you believe Yeshua (Jesus) is the Messiah?

If someone asked, “how can I know GOD and live in a relationship with Him?” What would you say to them?

Can you tell us about Heaven and Hell? What are they like? Are they real places or are they just metaphors?

Session 5
view video Could you explain what it means to have our names written in the Book of Life?

The Body of Messiah or the Family of God as we define is made up of Jewish and Gentile Believers. Would you elaborate though on how this works?

Session 6
view video What is sin and how serious is it? Is it an outdated concept?

What is GOD really like? Can anyone really know if He exists?

How can I believe in Yeshua and still be Jewish?

Why do you use the name Yeshua instead of Jesus?

Why do you use the terms Tanakh and Brit Chadasha for Old and New Testaments?

What did Yeshua think of the Tanakh?

What books would Yeshua have considered a part of the Tanakh?

How should we respond to the Tanakh in light of Yeshua’s response to it?

Who are the people of Israel?

Who are the Gentiles in scripture?

There is a term used today called “Spiritual Jews.” Could you explain what that term means please?

You mention the Family of GOD, could you describe what it is and define it?

Would you explain then how the Body of Messiah in Israel is related or does not relate?

Would you speak about Messiah’s sacrifice and why He needed to die?

How does one enter into the Body of Messiah?

Session 7
view video The Body of Messiah is made up of Jew and Gentile being one in Messiah. Could you explain a little bit on that?

In the last two thousand years, so-called Christians have done many bad things to Jews. Can you explain how this is possible when Yeshua says that we should love our neighbour?

Could you define ‘Covenant’ please?

How does ‘Covenant’ relate to Israel?

‘Covenant.’ Does it relate to the Body of Messiah?

Is there a distinction with Covenant in relation to Israel and the Body of Messiah or individual believers?

You mention these terms ‘Law’ and ‘Grace.’ Could you explain how they work throughout Scripture?

Could you explain how Messiah shed His blood from the foundation of the world and relate this to the salvation of Adam?

Could you relate this Salvation also to Noah?

Could you relate this Salvation to Abraham?

Could you relate this Salvation also to David?

Why do we use the term ‘the times of the Gentiles?’ Could you explain what that means?

Do you believe Yeshua will come back soon?

Are there other things that we should expect, as Yeshua’s return gets closer?

How should a person prepare for His return?

If a Gentile believer in Yeshua (Jesus) accepts Shabbat as the seventh day and observes the 613 commandments in the Talmud, can he be considered Jewish legally according to the accepted Law of Moses under the tradition of rabbinic teaching concept?

Is there any difference between a traditional Jew who fervently believes in the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob under the Law the GOD of Abraham had given to Moses and a practicing Messianic Jewish believer in Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) of Nazareth?

Surely, one of us is in contempt. If so, who?

Session 8
view video The difference between traditional Jews and Messianic Jews


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